Yuki-Onna Ozaki


Nemesis to Lili Ardat and almost equal in power. She is still loyal to The Angel Lucifer. An irresistibly beautiful Japanese demoness who loves the cold and snow. She can turn men into solid ice with a kiss.  Runs an underground crime organization called “The Oni”. Works under Angelo Mammon to Lili Ardat.

Personality Traits
Loves the cold
Tough attitude

Body Type
Slim and athletic

Dark corset with red dress and red coat rolled up sleeves. Black and red cape with red inner lining. Long fingerless gloves. Dark knee high boots with dark stockings

45 automatic handgun
(Earth Plane Only Abilities) Telekinesis,  Lighting fast speed, Super strength, instant regeneration / healing

Features (Human Form)
Long black hair
Small cute face
Black and green eye a man would get hypnotized by

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