A powerful psychic medium. Grace is very knowledgeable in demonology and witchcraft.  She was taught by her mother, Alexandra Cervantes. By Alexandra using a spell on her deathbed Grace's psychic abilities was given a tremendous boost as her mother's powers were distributed to her and her sister, Hope. She works under the name “Madame Cervantes” in her small psychic advisor shop in lower Grimsmont City. She opens her home to Lili Ardat and help her battle the evil forces on Earth.

 Personality Traits
Tough attitude
Fun loving

Body Type
Slim and athletic

Edgy and sexy gothic skirt, dark green corset and dark patterned hosiery. Small black jacket with spiked shoulders and spiked goggles. Black army style boots.

Codex of Spells and Incantations, Psychic abilities

Long dirt blonde hair with colored dread lock pig tails
Small cute face
Dark eye liner

Grace Cervantes 

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