Damon Mann

Famous College Athlete for the Grimsmont City University Reapers football team.  28 year old badboy Damon Mann, aka D’Mann, is no stranger to law enforcement.  Even with his long rap sheet he still doesn’t seem to get the punishment he deserves thanks to his friend in politics. When off the field he is usually seen in the headlines partying with a different girl under his arm, getting into bar fights and causing mischief. He is one of the three dedicated members in Yuki-Onna Ozaki’s Veiled Troika. He’s declared Yuki-Onna as his God. Relinquishing his human soul to the demoness and worships her in exchange for wealth, fame and a powerful dark gift. The ability of super brute strength, lighting fast speed and unbreakable bones

Personality Traits
Party man

Body Type
Muscular build and athletic

Dark grey and white jersey and jeans

Dark power of super strength, lighting fast speed, unbreakable bones

Light brown hair
Hazel eyes
Handsome face