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The beautiful, mid 30’s, CEO of Moretti Modeling and Talent agency. She uses her business to conceal her illegal activities of drugs and prostitution.  Secretly she is one of the three dedicated members in Yuki-Onna Ozaki’s Veiled Troika and trusted captain of the Oni Crime Syndicate. She has declared Yuki-Onna as her God. Relinquishing her human soul to the demoness and worships her in exchange for wealth, beauty and a powerful dark gift. With the use of her reflection in mirrors she is able to bring out those reflections into strong obedient clones of her physical self.

Personality Traits
Pseudo personality
All business attitude

Body Type

Business Casual attire, white blouse with long sleeves rolled up, short grey skirt and black heals

Dark power of Self Cloning

Razor cut semi short blonde hair
Blue Eyes
Voluptuous  figure
Light tan skin tone
Black framed glasses

Abigail Moretti